About the podcast

This podcast has been floating around in our heads for a few years. We might have first discussed the idea after having several conversations online and at conferences. Including that one conference in London where we were both speaking.

We were tired, and skipped out on the venue and headed to a pub (along with Léonie Watson). The conversation was great, as was the company. These conversations continued over the past couple of years. Always opinionated. Always provocative in some way. And always open-minded, always respectful, with a healthy dose of humour and sarcasm.

Our enjoyment of our discussions, combined with our self-inflated egos, made us think that we might not be the only ones who would like our conversations. Not necessarily because we're so fun to listen to—though we might be—but because conversations make us think. Different perspectives open our minds. Discussion should be fun and help us learn.

We hope our conversations spark interesting conversations of your own.

All the best,
Heydon & Stephen